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Mass Effect: C-Sec Twine Script
The DETECTIVE is mediating a dispute between a male VOLUS and a female ELCOR.
So… why exactly did you threaten to sit on him?
VOLUS (interrupting)
Bah! She's claiming I mis-sold her payment protection insurance. Can you (wheezing) believe that?
The DETECTIVE receives a call via their omni-tool.
Code 119. Code 119. Disturbance reported at the apartments - Possible abduction in progress. All available officers to the Presidium Commons immediately.
DETECTIVE (into comm)
Acknowledged. I'm en route.
(to the ELCOR)
Excuse me.
I will (wheezing) sue for this!
The DETECTIVE sprints down the corridor towards -
DETECTIVE approaches the steps leading to the apartments. The sounds of a struggle can be heard.
Suddenly a hanar (HALIPULMO) and a female drell (SAADIA) rush down the steps to escape t
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Mass Effect: C-Sec Twine link
Another day, another Twine game link.
I'm starting to experiment with Twine games so here is something a little different - and a tad more ambitious.
I've always been slightly disappointed with the Mass Effect games that you can't play the single-player campaign as anything other than a human (multiplayer notwithstanding). You can play as other races in the Dragon Age games so why not in Mass Effect. So I decided to make a short Twine game set in the Mass Effect universe in which you could play as a human, asari, salarian or turian character.
2185 CE - You are a detective working for Citadel Security. When you foil a kidnapping on the Presidium you uncover a dangerous slaver ring threatening the Citadel.
You can find it here:
And as usual: Mass Effect™ is the © of BioWare, a division of EA Games. I make no money from this game.
Hope you enjoy playing. It took ages to build!
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Mass Effect: Andromeda - Grand Prix Twine link
2819 - The Quarian Ark has been found. Quarians, hanar and elcor have rejoined society in the Heleus Cluster. 
When a bomb explodes on Eos, Pathfinder Ryder investigates and discovers the blast is linked to a new craze sweeping the planet: Motor racing.
This interactive story was built using the Twine software. You can play it here:
Alternatively, you can read the full script, with branching player choices and alternative squad dialogue here:  ME:A - Grand Prix 
Think of it as a short piece of (very, very unofficial) DLC.
Please note, this is my first attempt at a Twine game and in a rush to get it published I forgot to put disclaimers on it: Mass Effect™ and Mass Effect: Androme
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Mass Effect: Andromeda - Grand Prix Twine Script
The Tempest drops out of FTL and approaches the planet Eos.
RYDER, KALLO and SUVI are at the controls. Suddenly warning alarms echo around the bridge. SAM alerts RYDER.
Registering explosion on the surface, Pathfinder.
Where is it?
Localising. Explosion originated fifty kilometres west of Podromos. It came from a structure near an active volcano. I am reading several hundred colonists in the vicinity.
RYDER: Near a volcano? What the hell are they doing?
SAM: Insufficient data.
TONE WHEEL: LOGICAL - They must have good reason.
RYDER: That many people couldn't have moved there on a whim.
SAM: Such a large population would require considerable logistical support.
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A Matter of Time and Space: Epilogue
A Matter of Time and Space
Spectre Office, Citadel Embassies, Presidium – 06:00 GST – 5th July 2185 CE
"Severan. Turian. Spectre status recognised," the VI said as the Spectre Office doors slid open.
Valni still hadn't got used to her new title. She wondered if she would ever get used to it.
The last few days had been a blur of interviews, personal messages from friends and family – her mother had been especially proud to have a Spectre in the family, though she did give Valni a stern lecture for not telling her she'd been selected for Spectre candidacy – briefings with advisors whose names Valni could barely remember, and a deluge of Council reports that she was expected to wade through.
In honesty, Valni was grateful the Spectre clearance gave her access to classified intelligence, it gave her a clearer picture of the movements of t
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A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 50
A Matter of Time and Space
"Welcome to Citadel NewsNet, I'm Emily Wong. Citadel authorities have arrested the CEO of Armali Council on kidnapping and slavery charges. Matron Tusanna Cathropiln is accused of conspiring with the head of Haliat Armory, Invidius Ruthlain, to sell Citadel citizens to an unknown third party in exchange for unregistered technology. The conspiracy was exposed by newly appointed Spectre, Valni Severan. Born on Palaven, Officer Severan was herself a victim of the kidnapping ring, but fought back and succeeded in downing the slavers' ship before it could leave Citadel airspace. The Haliat Armory ship, Imperium, crashed on Tayseri Ward, narrowly avoiding a collision with the Dilinaga Concert Hall. C-Sec search and rescue teams recovered a number of survivors who were due to be sold as slaves. The scandal has rocked the corporate world with both the Asari Republics and Turian Hierarchy stepping
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A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 49
A Matter of Time and Space
Imperium Crash Site, Dilinaga Concert Hall, Citadel – 01:10 GST – 25th June 2185 CE
Zaalia passed through the Imperium's airlock into a scene of devastation.
The wreckage of destroyed mechs and bodies of Haliat Armory guards lined the deck; some of them dead, others groaning from their injuries. Fires still burned in places, the fire suppression system either unable to cope or offline, while acrid smoke billowing from broken crates and destroyed sensor conduits made visibility tricky.
Behind her, Timoleon and Erata entered the ruined deck with weapons drawn.
"Valni!" Zaalia yelled, peering through the smoke. "Where are you?"
Erata joined in the chorus, calling out Valni's name as C-Sec officers and medics started to swarm in from the airlock on the opposite side.
"Over here," a voice answered.
The team followed
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A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 48
A Matter of Time and Space
Traffic Control, C-Sec Academy, Citadel – 00:12 GST – 25th June 2185 CE
Vereen was finding it a little hard to concentrate over the noise of the battle.
She'd spent the last few minutes desperately searching Traffic Control's vid log for any clue as to who might have been in the docks at the time of Valni's abduction, a job that wasn't made any easier by the fact C-Sec were trying to storm the room. Fortunately, thanks to Valni's krogan friend, they weren't having much success. In fact, judging by the yells of "Is that all you pyjak's got?" and the cries for back-up emanating from the narrow stairwell it sounded like Chaill was fighting every officer in C-Sec.
Vereen tried to focus on the data on screen, while her friend, Rui, was checking the manifests of the ships docked at the Citadel. That was when he noticed something.
:iconxeno-sapian:Xeno-Sapian 2 15
A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 47
A Matter of Time and Space
Presidium Docks, Citadel – 19:41 GST – 24th June 2185 CE
Zaalia held the oxygen mask to her face, gulping great lungfuls of air and wishing the pain killers the medics had given her were stronger. Her head was splitting! It wasn't helped by the fact she was furious with herself. Valni and the asari they were protecting had been taken and she had stumbled right into a trap. She silently thanked the Spirits the gas she'd inhaled wasn't toxic, but it didn't change the fact that she'd let her team leader down (in her mind, at least). And then she'd been told there'd been an explosion on the Presidium. To make matters worse she couldn't get through to T'Rani or anyone on the comm.
When she'd woken up the docks were already swarming with security guards and medics. A couple of the dockworkers had been taken to Huerta Memorial
:iconxeno-sapian:Xeno-Sapian 2 21
A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 46
A Matter of Time and Space
Armali Council Conference, Presidium, Citadel – 18:30 GST – 24th June 2185 CE
Erata and Chaill pushed their way through the crowd of people. They couldn't have felt more out of place. The majority of the guests milling around the conference were decked out in their finest clothes, while both she and Chaill were in plain clothes and visibly sweating (well, Erata was anyway).
"Where's the VIP area?" Chaill said. "They'll probably be there."
"I'm worried," Erata said as she accessed her omni-tool. "Why can't I get Valni or Zaalia on the link?"
"If they're on guard duty, I doubt they'll be able to answer calls."
"But the link won't connect. It's like something's blocking the signal."
"Don't worry, those two can handle anything the galaxy throws at them."
They approached a roped-off area near the stage, but were stopped by a
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A matter of Time and Space: Chapter 45
A Matter of Time and Space
Citadel Tower, Citadel – 17:50 GST – 24thJune 2185 CE
The elevator doors opened and the team stepped onto the Citadel's Council chambers. The seat of power of the Council, the Citadel Tower lay at the epicentre of the Presidium ring. Standing over a kilometre tall, the Tower was, without doubt, the most recognisable structure on the Citadel and formed the hub of galactic politics. But even this edifice had not escaped the Battle of the Citadel unscathed. The Council chambers was famously where Commander Shepard had fought the turian traitor Saren. The Tower suffered extensive damage during the duel and was almost obliterated by falling debris when the Reaper Dreadnought Sovereign exploded, scattering wreckage all over the Citadel.
Naturally, the Citadel Tower was the focus of the restoration, and while parts of the War
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A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 44
A Matter of Time and Space
Maven T'Rani's Office, C-Sec Headquarters, Citadel – 11:20 GST – 24th June 2185 CE
"Are you certain that's her?"
The face of Matriarch Lidanya's assistant – or 'Joyaa T'Bain' as her Armali Council ID dubbed her – looked down from the conference screen in T'Rani's office. The remainder of the screen was taken up with a live link from the Illium office of the salarian specialist, Sekat. When Valni had recognised the assistant standing with Trajan on the dock, T'Rani had immediately ordered the team back to her office, leaving Chaill and Erata to keep an eye on the asari suspect, and told Lia'Vael to call Sekat on the link. The assistant was their best lead to exposing the conspiracy so it was imperative that the suspect didn't know they were on to her. In addition, they needed to find out exactly who the asari wa
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A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 43
A Matter of Time and Space
Kenneth had never been a big fan of folk music, but even he had to admit the ceilidh band was on fire.
The dance hall was swollen with a laughing crowd of friends and family, their collective body heat warming the room to an almost uncomfortable degree. Not that it bothered his dance partner – she liked it hot.
Valni's grin lit up her face as she wheeled around in front of him, her pleated kilt – adorned in the red, emerald, and gold Donnelly tartan – flying high to reveal shapely, bare legs. Togged up in a matching sash and fetching black waistcoat, Valni truly was a vision in plaid.
This was the perfect way to end their tour of the highlands. Kenneth's family could barely contain their excitement when he'd announced he was returning home on leave; his mother especially was beside herself when she heard he was bringing someone to meet them. This was not without concerns. While Kenneth had neve
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Mature content
A Matter of Time and Space: Grievous Bodily Harm :iconxeno-sapian:Xeno-Sapian 5 11
Mature content
A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 42 :iconxeno-sapian:Xeno-Sapian 4 15
Mature content
A Matter of Time and Space: Chapter 41 :iconxeno-sapian:Xeno-Sapian 2 10


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28 deviations

Haven't posted here for a while, but I'm still kicking and still writing. Do you mind if I pick your brains? I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using the Twine software?

I've written a draft of a short interactive adventure set in the Mass Effect: Andromeda universe with Twine. Unfortunately, finding a way to host it online has proved more difficult than I thought (I'd assumed the Twine website would have an archive of Twine games, but apparently not), and the websites I've been directed to that might have a Twine archive have either been flagged up as unsafe by Norton Anti-virus or don't seem to accept the file. It's not something I'm familiar with so I'm almost certainly doing something wrong and am at a loss how to proceed. Does anyone know how or where I can host the file online? Is there some way to post it directly on DeviantArt or tumblr?

I am planning to post the script here but would like everyone to have the chance to play it properly. I'd also welcome any and all feedback on it.

Would anyone have any advice on how to get the Twine file online?

Cheers, guys


United Kingdom


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swiperenyart Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017
Awesome to hear that you are starting the next chapter and it's cool that your going to be working on something for andromada, I was just thinking a couple of days ago that it would be cool if you did something for andromada.
Look forward in reading the stories.
Xeno-Sapian Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Thank you. Happy cry (Tears of joy) 

Certainly hope everyone enjoys the story(s) when they are (eventually) set free to wreak havoc on the world. evil plotting ;P
fredihaberg Featured By Owner May 5, 2017  Student Photographer
Hey, do you have any updates on the new story yet? :D (Big Grin)
Would love to read it..  :eager: by darkmoon3636 
Xeno-Sapian Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
Hi fredihaberg, apologies for the late reply, I've been on holiday abroad and offline for a while. Read "Nexus Uprising" while I was away and now I have a copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda on PS4 (yay!Woohooooo! :happybounce: ) - for research, you understand. ;) (Wink)  Already 10 hours in and enjoying the game immensely.

Rest assured I am still writing (both 'A Matter of Life and Death' and something set in ME:A  OMG MOAR POEMS! ) and should have something AMoLaD related out in the near(ish) future. I hope. Fingers-Crossed - NaNoEmo14 Day 12 

All the best. :D (Big Grin) 
fredihaberg Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Student Photographer
Only 10 hours eh?

I spent a good 100 hours on my first playthrough (dunno if that's average Giggle  ),
and I enjoyed it all the way. he best thing about the game in my opinion: Vetra and Pebee's conversations in the Nomad.

I've got Nexus uprising already, I like it so far, just haven't had much time to read it lately (exams); maybe in the summer though..

Now to the important questions:
Shepard or Ryder? :D (with or without the old animations) Glitch Shephard  Mass Effect andromeda 

Have fun with the writing and playing ME:A!
raapster01 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
Just wondering are you going to continue the 'A Matter of Race and Character' series?? 
Xeno-Sapian Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
Oh yes. I haven't forgotten Valni. :D  But I may have to conduct some necessary research into the next Mass Effect game beforehand. Gamer fella - playing Sega Gensis Console (works) ;)
raapster01 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
Glad to hear! GL!
ImperatorGermaniae Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
Hallö! :D (Big Grin) 

Sorry that I waste your time, but I would have a little question about Mass Effect and I am very shure that you know the answer. Nod 

I wanted to ask, if the markings, who many Turians have on their faces have any special meaning or are they simply more like jewellery?
Xeno-Sapian Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
No worries. Happy to answer that. Turian facial markings are elaborate tattoos that signify which colony (or country on Palaven) they came from. The markings vary widely in design and colour, but it's not clear which design is from which colony.

More info can be found on the Mass Effect wiki site:…

Hope that helps. :D
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